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In operating its own tenant buildings, Ridenour Properties, LLC has learned that 90% of a building’s lifetime cost is in operation – not initial construction. Keeping this in mind, J.S. Ridenour Construction, Inc. provides a full-team approach to construction that speeds the delivery of projects, ensures quality and minimizes cost. We hand-select the architect that will best fit the customer’s needs. In turn, we solicit engineers and subcontractors, who do their design in conjunction with the architect for a common goal. With customer input, we manage every step of design, while monitoring cost, constructability and schedule.

Utilizing the above methods, Ridenour Companies has perfected the following Construction Delivery Methods, which we refer to as “The Ridenour Difference”


Many Owners are recognizing the advantages of bypassing traditional construction methods and choosing the design-build approach.  

By involving J.S. Ridenour Construction, Inc. at the beginning of the process, we are able to manage both the design and construction of a project in such a fashion as to bring maximum synergy to your project.  Our past experience has taught us that architects and engineers can gain valuable insight from exposure to the ultimate construction team.

Early involvement of architects, engineers, contractors and developers provide excellent cost and schedule benefits. This early involvement approach is being used now more than ever. As the design gels, the construction team can also begin construction of your project much earlier than would otherwise be the case.  Clearly this approach brings huge cost advantages for your project.



Ridenour Companies, LLC offers the build-to-suit client greater flexibility in design options and budget considerations. When an owner contracts with us for a build-to-suit project, we are able to utilize and take full advantage of the Design/Build Method outlined above.

Ridenour-quoteUnder this delivery method, we provide General Contracting and Construction Management services plus we finance, sell or lease the building back to you. Build-to-Suit construction often affords greater flexibility for the owner in terms of their limited involvement in the design and construction of the project and the absence of their being required to provide the financing. They typically sign a long-term lease and may or may not own the building at end of the lease term, depending on the way the build-to-suit contract is structured. This approach also offers owners the opportunity to occupy a new building, designed and constructed to their specifications with no initial capital outlay. Let Ridenour Companies, LLC serve as your build-to-suit contractor and take full responsibility for the development, design, and construction of your new facility.


Tri-County-Cycles-Corbin-KYAs the final part of “The Ridenour Difference”, Ridenour Realty, LLC offers in-house real estate professionals, who can take your project from land procurement to construction completion. We offer our clients expertise in the planning and execution of commercial developments, including office, warehouse, healthcare and retail. All properties are marketed aggressively and creatively to prospective investors and tenants.

Hopefully you can see why we are so confident in our services, and consider our company the next time one of your projects requires a truly competent and professional General Contractor.   A majority of our projects have come on a referral basis from our previous clients, and we anticipate that trend to continue.  We urge you to contact us for more information on “The Ridenour Difference”.

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